What is this?

Tonk’s mission is to liberate humanity’s lived experience of the web.

On our quest, we’ve completed several side missions and acquired a few special upgrades along the way.

Here you’ll find an informal sketchbook of our journey as we’ve navigated the social, philosophical and technical edges of our world - ranging from web3 to autonomous worlds and trust infrastructure.

Touchstones we find ourselves returning to:

  • Frustration at how computational networks have developed over history to inhibit innovation,

  • Radical ideas to restructure human and financial capital to optimise for creative liberty and the authentic, scalable production of cultures,

  • Admiration for the raw power of applied cryptography in doing so,

  • Optimism about games and play as the memetic engine for driving digital metamorphoses.

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Tonk is a trust infrastructure startup. We use P2P attestations to foster meaningful communication that scales with the internet.


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